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We are Gnarkansas. For years, we have cultivated a vision for what it looks like to be a core representative of what we stand for. Arkansas has a diverse catalog of interesting people with unique talents. We don't follow trends. We don't fashion ourselves after others. We spend our time in introspect, focusing on our growth as a people and as a culture. But one of the most important aspect that ties us all together is that we all live in the beautiful state of Arkansas. Between the lush woodlands mixed with natural streams tinged with a slow and easy pace of life makes Arkansas living comfortable.

At it's inception, Gnarkansas started out as a way to showcase our videos and photos from the Northwest Arkansas. Within years, We rolled out a few lines of skateboard decks, setting us up for our branding perception to the public. However, Our hopes in creating skateboards for our state was to get more people rolling on four wheels and enjoying what we do and where we came from. It worked. We saw over 1,000 decks hit the streets, skateparks, some even as wall hangers. Our pride soars with that wood. But in short, that's not why we started.

Gnarkansas Skateboards

We took a few years off to discover what our mission statement was. We always knew what Gnarkansas stood for but embracing and enforcing the ideals is our new goal. We are here to show you how rad these Arkansan's can get on skateboards, mountain bikes, climbing rock faces, riding the currents of our rivers. There are so many people out there pushing themselves to their limit. We are driven off of how crazy or unique or innovative the people of our state can get. Send us your videos and photos so we can show the world what it means to be a true Gnarkansan. We will tell the story of Arkansas and the rad people within it. See you in the field...

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