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Event Spotlight // AR Crown - Stop 5: Rogers

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Photos by H Gonzales

Wow. What can I say but wow? Stop 5 went off. If you didn't make it out, you sure missed a hell of a good time. The Northwest Arkansas Skateboarding Foundation has been picking up steam with this competition series, and it shows. A lot of shredders came out to throw down and try to win some prizes this past weekend and boy did they throw down. There were hammers everywhere. So much so that I had a hard time keeping up with calling them out on the mic! The photos in this article don't even do it justice. Peep them anyway, cause Hunter Gonzalez kills it behind the lens.



The day kicked off in true Crown fashion with beginner and intermediate jams. Novices and noobs came together and wowed the crowd with some pretty gnarly hucks, like Niccy's transfer from the spine to pyramid as seen above. Keep scrolling for your daily dose of stoke.

BS 50-50

Boneless 180

FS 50-50

In addition to the beginner and intermediate jams was a large and chaotic game of SKATE. Lots of homies threw down to try and claim the title, but only one would prove to be the champ.

After the chaos that was the game of SKATE was the creme de la creme. The reason this whole thing started. The Crown. Man oh man, it was a good one. This one was a jam style comp. But there were so many competitors that it had to be broken up into 2 groups, and then a final 3rd jam with the top 2 from both groups was held to determine overall winners of this stop. We've only got a few photos to post, so if you want to see all the bangers, you're just gonna have to wait until the highlight video comes out. In the meantime, scroll on through and peep the rest of the photos as well as the final leaderboard standings for the Crown going into the Finals.

FS Nosepick

BS Overcrook


FS Crook

BS 50-50

Huge congrats to all the winners for their hard work, and a huge thanks to EVERYONE who showed up to show support for the competitors. And of course very special thank you to the competitors for getting out there and giving it their all. This couldn't have happened without you guys. Ya'll are the reason this thing has been so successful, and it makes us all super stoked to be doing this. See you guys at finals!

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