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Article // Boardertown's Best Trick on 1/26

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Boardertown events are ones to cherish. The atmosphere of the park invites an urge to skate a bit faster than you normally do, ollie a little higher, and go a little harder. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend so I sped over to Fayetteville to wake up JJ and get him in the car to get to the Fort.

The usual suspects were in effect and those Oklahomies showed up in full force to skate, too (seriously, like 15 of ‘em showed up out of nowhere). I watched this kid, Jeremiah, land a heelflip into an FS boardslide like 20 times and now I want to know what they feed the kids in Oklahoma. The level of bangers going on made the batteries in my flash go hot with overuse.

I salute everyone that came out to have fun and throw down their best tricks on the 26th as it was truly a sight to be seen, now if only people would pick up the trash they left. *shakes fist*


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