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Feature Video // "Bridge is Out" Mt. Fitzgerald

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Jagged Axe Trail Designs has recently made Mount Fitzgerald's "Bridge is Out" rollable again. This is sparking some controversy in the local conversation of adding in a bridge to the first gap makes the line "less gnarly" and more obtainable to the average rider. A representative from NWA Trailblazers commented to Gnarkansas on the upgrade, adding that not only was the main jump was crumbling but many reports came in of people getting hurt on the line so they needed to do something to make it more sustainable and useable overall. Others in the community have mentioned this line used to be a 'rite of passage' so to say and if you couldn't do the drop then you had no business on the line. Some have even referred to the line as "The Bridge is Back". The changes made have most certainly made the line less risky however that doesn't mean that a proper send cannot be had, as can be seen by Gnarkansas Shreditor, Brandon Herbert.

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