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Event Notice // Dirt Church MTB Festival on April 13-14

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Gnarkansas is privileged to work in conjunction with Enduro Bros and Jagged Axe Trail Design to aid in the inaugural Dirt Church Mountain Bike Festival. Registrations are currently open and awaiting racers so head on down to the registration page and sign up, its a great value for such a rad cause. The Great Passion Play has graciously given access of their property to the mountain bikers of the states and Jagged Axe Trail Design has developed some of the most unique and naturally developed trails in Northwest Arkansas.

Here's were Gnarkansas come into play. So, the festival has 3 events to focus on: Cross Country, Gravity Stage Race and MTB Harescramble. These events span throughout the weekend but on Saturday at 4:30pm, Gnarkansas will choose a jump on the trail system to host a quick "Best Air Contest" and the format is...there is no format. Sorry guys, that's just our style. From the time we say start to when we call it, huck yourself across the jump and make it count. Whether you boost it higher than anyone else or bust your signature trick to impress the judges and win the title on top of some untold illustrious prizes. Don't forget to follow Dirt Church MTB on Instagram and we'll see you there.

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