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Article // Editor's Log #2: Winter Lull

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Oh, my. The effects of seasonal shifts in time and temperature sure have set in. I can tell you: Everyone connected with Gnarkansas is feeling it. Aside from that, everyone here at Gnarkansas has been so tied up with day jobs and life responsibilities that no time has been allotted for our passion project of Gnarkansas. It's unfortunate but that should prove to you that there is real people back here that just have life to take care of before they can get back to the fun parts of like. Every day isn't "Chill".

Since the last editors log, we've done nothing but slow further and further down. As editor, I understand that I steer the ship and when the hands aren't on the wheel, its no wonder that the ship is spinning in circles. However, since the magical money fairy hasn't touched Gnarkansas with their grace, we are forced to wait on real world solutions. I can tell you I feel confident in a solution is on the horizon and to our supporters, I thank each and every person that spends the time to keep Gnarkansas alive in your thoughts.

I've been refining our game plan here at Gnarkansas as we have seen reduced activity between our content partners which has led to a hiatus in most departmental activities and coverage. On the other hand, the crew at Northwest Arkansas Skateboarding Foundation successfully completed the Arkansas Crown Skateboarding Championship with the top spot going to Anthony Dezaldivar, second to Cole Duncan and third to Ethan Murphree. We are behind on the Rogers highlights and the Finals highlights in Fort Smith but its just something we've come to accept and they will be out when ready. Simple as that. In the meantime, just skate. We take to much precedence on chewing up and spitting out digital media that it has become a black hole for memories. Cherish every video, photo or article you see. Behind it, there is someone who put a lot of work into the thing on your screen you double tapped and quickly scrolled past.

One thing I've learned in my time is not to stress over things that potentially pull you down. Gnarkansas has pulled me down a time or two. But more times that is pulled me down, has it pulled me up into a space seldom get to in our world. The recognition and appreciation I have for those that stick with Gnarkansas through the slow times is unmatched, It's one of the reasons that this machine has continued to operate. Your drive and care towards the movement keeps us wanting to do more for the scene.

In any case, Glad to be working on Gnarkansas again. Every little bit we put towards it adds up. We hope that our selfless giving to the site shows to you and you continue your support to our channel. Gnarkansas is through making promises that it cannot hold up to. For now, I can tell you that we will keep trying. We will keep trying to build a network of members that help bring you content from around Arkansas. We will keep trying to devise a way to get some kind of product in your hands. We will keep trying to make this thing into something, whatever that may be. We currently exist in a saturated market of brands trying to be unique. One day I hope everyone realizes that we stand stronger together than alone.

- B.Herb

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