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Article // Editor's Log #3: Rebuilding a Legacy

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

2020 and 2021 came with pandemics shutting down our favorite businesses, protests all over the world, police brutality at an all time high and a shift in ideologies threatening our way of life, its hard to try to see a silver lining. There may not be one. What can be done is to move forward with strength in your body and mind with a strong amount of care to the people around us and the places with populate - Keep a clean mind and clean spaces. Recently, I took a look back through old physical archives and memory lane showcased some special moments with some great people. However, the most memorable ones are those of Gnarkansas.

Hard media from early 2000's.

On the last editors log, Everything went pretty dismal. Fast forward 539 days(geez, its been a while since I did one of these!), we are on the come up. I can feel it. The fire is stoked and literally everyone we are in association with is fired up and ready to get shit done. Such a refreshing feeling to see the wheels moving again after vaccinations and local restriction lifts are giving people confidence to get up and out. Some Arkansans never changed their ways of life, well, because this is American. And you can do whatever the hell you want to do! We are just happy that we can get back to a sort of normal that allows more shredding. I guess that's the only real concern. Regardless of your views, we are family here.

Toboggan practice at Runway Bike Park in Springdale, AR.

Our company is on the rise once again and finding more and more where our niche exists. I am happy to report that we are not too far out from getting shirts available online for sale on the website. The online store is built and the dots should be connected by the end of the month. Shirts and stickers with koozies and hats to follow. In some ways, Gnarkansas has taken the most natural progression which is good but I always needed accountability, which is why I brought on Brad Magar and Jonny Undiano - two people who have been in the circle of trust for many years now - onto the administration of Gnarkansas. And although the loss of Boardertown Skatepark was tragic, this has allotted the availability of hangtime with the best photographer in Arkansas, Nick Gibson. That being said, the core group is strong right now and signs of the next wave is eminent.

Thunderstorms the night before the bash at Fitty Kent's.

Next is content. Man, we got some stuff already in the works. The editing bay is loaded to the max with edits to make. Notable edits include Kanis Bash 2021 with SO MANY bangers to cut, it's got me on the edge of my seat. That concluded with the premiere viewing of Will Lloyd's "Capture Party" full length, which got a nice spot on's front page. Big props to Glenn, Bobby, Todd, Will and all the NWA boys for holding it down with a proper edit. You can watch it here on We also have a super fun kayak edit with Nathan Jennings and Nick Gibson on Lee Creek during one of our recent storm surge runoff. We cannot forget to mention GNARCAST!!!, the live podcast from the Ozarks, chatting with the Gnarkansas team and occasionally special guests for some loose non-interview hangs. New episode are planned and will be announced soon including shows with NWA Downhill Revolution, a DIY concrete-focused episode with Mike Sidani and Mark Landry and many more.

Kanis Bash 2021 in full swing.

To wrap up, the upward trajectory has me excited and motivated to create more for our community. Now I will say, you wont find us at any events this year. We decided to become spectators at many of the upcoming events that are coming to this area. The focus on year of full of events has been identified as the original burnout ignitor for Gnarkansas so as we continue to grow, we will find more ways to integrate ourselves the most natural way we can. There are so many rad brands popping up we could not be more stoked to see the scene of Gnarkansas growing, which is why we are open to showcase the talent and creativity coming from all walks of life. So many folks are shredding in their own way, it really is a truly epic time in the state. Lastly, Gnarkansas turns 10 this year. We might do something for it, might be big, who knows...

- B.Herb

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