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Event Spotlight // AR Crown - Stop 4: Little Rock

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Photo: Gonzalez

The Arkansas Crown, hosted by the Northwest Arkansas Skateboarding Foundation and presented by Gnarkansas, has seen a pretty good turnout at the first two events of its series. It was no different on July 20th when the series stopped in Little Rock for Stop 3, dubbed the Summer Heat Run, and we saw skaters of all ages, as well as families encouraging the next generation.

Photo: Gonzalez

Garrett Gonzalez floats an Indy over the hip with a little tuck knee stee (Photo: Gonzalez)

The Summer Heat Run was definitely an appropriate title, as it was indeed a scorcher. But that didn't stop anyone from dropping hammers. That's for sure. I witnessed so many bangers I could hardly contain myself.

Cole Duncan transfers from the newer course to the DIY section with a boned out indy (Photo: Gonzalez)

Festivities kicked off in the usual Arkansas Crown fashion with a beginner jam. The beginners got their chance to compete for prizes with a two minute jam where they all just went for whatever they could at the same time. It's definitely refreshing to see the future of skateboarding in Arkansas alive and well.

Pic from the Beginner Jam (Photo: Gonzalez)

Pic from the Beginner Jam (Photo: Gonzalez)

Cole tosses a fs grab over the death box in the old DIY section (Photo: Gonzalez)

After the beginner jam winded down, the Arkansas Crown kicked off with three 45 second heat runs per skater. It was a good one for sure. Peep the snaps.

Anthony Dezaldivar pushes a steezy front smith (Photo: Gonzalez)

Tony Macias throws a super clean pop shuv tail grab over the hip (Photo: Gonzalez)

Garrett Gonzalez takes the long way over the spine with a fat ollie (Photo: Gonzalez)

Couple shredders with their winnings. (L) Ethan Murphree (R) Deason McDonald (Photo: NWASF)

Crown winners (Left to Right): Anthony D, Cody F, Garrett G (Photo: NWASF)

At the end of the day the podium for Stop 3 of the Arkansas Crown was topped with Anthony Dezaldivar in first, Cody Force in second, and Garrett Gonzalez in third. It was a good time had by all, and I can't wait for the next stop - Stop 4 in Fayetteville at Walker Park. Peep the standings below to see how the competitors sit so far in the rankings.

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