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GnarCast #3 with NWA DH Revolution

Back in May 2021, The most unique GnarCast we have done yet did not hit the website?! SOMEONE wasn't doing their job! (Editor points finger at himself) Anyways, these two dudes were a blast to chat with. Colton Jones and Grant Rogers created the movement known as NWA DH Revolution, which is truly defined as a way of thinking for trail building in Northwest Arkansas. We learned so much about the backside of trail building, not seen by the public when it comes to what it takes to build trails and the red tape that exists in a place that has been a subject of worldwide ridicule and discussion over the market executives naming Northwest Arkansas the "Mountain Biking Capitol of the World", largely contested by others in the community. Grant and Colton speak on why that perception exists locally and why they've created their own place to ride that breaks all the "rules" put in place around here. Video quality is bad, sound quality is bad but conversation quality it top.

And fear not, we've invested in new mics since this episode and brought in some professional help to whip our audio situation into shape and we will be back very soon with new episodes. Stay tuned.

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