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Interview // Alex Scott with Jagged Axe Trail Designs

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Brandon Herbert got a chance to chat with Jagged Axe Trail Designs' Alex Scott over the phone last week and you get the inside look at that conversation. Here's what they had to say...

Brandon Herbert: "Alex, glad to talk to you about Jagged Axe but I'd like to start with some more personal questions, How did you first get engaged in mountain biking scene?"

Alex Scott: "I grew up racing cross-country, went to nationals for that a couple of times and that's what me and all of my buddies did and what everyone rode, I mean we watched downhill but in Texas, we weren't riding that"..."I had a dirtjumper and a trials bike but there were no competitions or anything like that and enduro wast a thing yet and but now everyone rides a 6" travel bike and there are so many more riders now it's awesome."

Brandon Herbert: "Tell me a little about growing up in mountain biking."

Alex Scott: "Grew up on Camp Eagle in Texas, we had a lot of people come out to help influence us such as people who worked with IMBA and even at that time there wasn't a lot of people building professionally. We built 15 miles of single track at the camp. Went to school for construction engineering kinda lost and opportunity came up where the Glorieta campus had an opportunity with us and hired us for about a year to build trails there in New Mexico for the Big Mountain Enduro Race, which they have every year."

Brandon Herbert: "You mentioned you were from Texas, How long have you lived in Arkansas?"

Alex Scott: "We lived in New Mexico for a few years but we've been living in Arkansas since last March."

Brandon Herbert: "Are you liking it here so far?"

Alex Scott: "We love it. Looking for property. haha"

Brandon: "That's usually, the case with most who visit here. I can only imagine you're looking for property with varying topography?

Alex: "Oh yea."

Brandon: "What is your favorite obstacle you have built to date, Something that really stand out to you even?"

Alex: "The tunnel we built in Eureka Springs (pictured above) that's a standout feature for me, you don't see that everywhere. It's so unique and it took a lot of work. And the other would be what we call the "chute" which is on the Jagged Axe trail in Glorieta."

Brandon Herbert: "Tell us about your bike collection, Any favorites or go-to's?"

Alex Scott: "I have...a few. My wife kinda gives me a hard time. haha. But my Giant Reign is probably my go-to most days and my Kona Hanzo steel frame hardtail that I also ride a lot."

Brandon: "Do you want to talk about any other project you are currently working on?"

Alex: "We are back down in Camp Eagle working on a public trail that will also be used for the summer camp program, its a flow trail and then the bottom half will split into a bigger jump line with four hits on it, up there with some of the biggest jumps in Texas. And we are still building on the Passion Play project."

Brandon Herbert: "Are you guys still developing that trail system?"

Alex Scott: "Yeah, we have the crew split up between the two locations."

Brandon: "We spoke a little bit about riding styles earlier, What aspect of mountain biking have you seen progress the fastest in recent years?"

Alex: "Hard to say, Enduro grew fast but I think a lot of people are coming back into the trail bike category realizing that they don't need 6-7" travel for most of the riding that they do."

Brandon: "While building Trails, what do you consider to be your most valuable tool?"

Alex: "Besides the mini excavator? haha I think a good chainsaw and the rogue hoe. And really all of the Rogue tools."

Brandon: "Any big plans for Jagged Axe Trail Designs in the near future?"

Alex: "We do have one project in Eureka Springs across the street from the passion play on the Marble Flats property that's going to be pretty unique. We are generally just happy to be building in Northwest Arkansas and keep pushing the limits in natural and raw trail."

Brandon: "I can tell you that is something Gnarkansas appreciates. Thanks for the chat, we are glad to have you guys around."

To reach out to Jagged Axe Trail Designs for your project, contact them through their website or to see more of Alex and Jagged Axe's activity, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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