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Mobile Podcast at Coler Grove

May 23-26th, Gnarkansas will at the Coler Grove for our Season Finale celebration. During Bike Fest Weekend, we will have our merch booth setup along with a mobile podcast studio, interviewing guests all weekend! We will be broadcasting along with podcast friends The Segment PR and MTB Q&A, hosting surprise guests across all 3 channels! No schedule set but tons of unique special guests stopping by that you will not want to miss. So make sure to follow everyone and set notifications to see all the shows, as they go live! Swing by, say hi to us, check out some fresh Gnarkansas gear, and watch the show, live as it's happening in the outdoor viewing lounge. We will be next to Matthew Mark Foundation airbag jump zone and Thunderdome Throwdown drop-in. Needless to say, it's sure to be a lively venue all weekend. See you there!

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