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New HU$H The Kid Posters

Little did the local skater "Hu$h The Kid" now that behind the scenes working on a special project to surprise him with. One would have never thought making a poster would be so difficult but we had many tribulations trying to get this to work. Yesterday we were able to surprise him at the new Van Buren skatepark, constructed by Pivot Customs, and it couldn't have gone more perfect.

Ultimately we decided on a high quality print on thick paper with a matte finish. 18" x 24" and a very limited number of these will be available on the Gnarkansas Online Store. We are stoked to be able to do cool stuff like this and, legitimately, its the only reason we do it. CAUSE WE DEF AIN'T MAKING MONEY! It's all for the stoke and it always will be.

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