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Photo Gallery // New Line at Shepard Springs

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Let's get outside! The weather is got a hold on our outdoor activities. However, if you are from Arkansas, you know that the summer can be brutal: high humidity, snakes, ticks, mosquitoes. The list goes on. When you compare all of that to the cold, wet and windy weather we've had, we don't have it too bad. Cloudy cover, high visibility through the woods, natural waterways flowing abundantly, no bugs. It's not really that bad. So bundle up and head out!

Photo by Nick Gibson

In between Fayetteville and Fort Smith, is the Lake Fort Smith area where you will find Shepard Springs. Trenton bolted a new line dubbing it "Burma-Shave" and it goes at 5.12. Gnarkansas always jumps at the opportunity to showcase new lines and climbs in Arkansas.

Photo by Nick Gibson

Trenton is one of Gnarkansas' most valued operatives and continues to prove it as Nick Gibson snaps another epic round of what we do here in the Ozark Mountains. And I think we all can agree: All this weather is not nearly as bad as we make it out to be. Here is the evidence.

Photo by Nick Gibson

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