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Event Notice // Baker 4 Video Premier at Path 11/29

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

You stoked to see the new Baker 4 video? Well how about you watch it with your friends at Path Skate Shop on Dickson in Fayetteville this Friday as they turn the shop into a cinema! Think about it, you'll be all loaded up on Thanksgiving food, you'll not need to cook because your family loaded you up with so much leftovers that your set for a week and you've spent enough time with your loved ones to fulfill the obligation. Now, all you have to do is drive or skitch on a car to 626 W. Dickson St. #6 and you'll be able to watch the Baker Boys kill it on the big screen. So, don't be one of those that just waits for these tricks to come out on social so you can like then swipe, come hang and get your butts off the couch and work off that Thanksgiving hangover.

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