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Video Premiere // "Capture Party" Full Video

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Kanis Bash was epic for so many reasons however the day was concluded by the premier of "Capture Party" a full length release of Will Lloyd's dedicated SD efforts during the pandemic era. The video has so many hammers, the premier was seldom quiet, as eruptions of entire-crowd screaming occurred constantly. What an epic end to a hard ass night. With a solid tip of the hat, only the number one authority to skateboarding videos, Thrasher posted the video up the following week, Click here to see the post. Will - The whole state is proud of this one.

Full parts from Jake Bowman, Todd Given and Glenn Fiscus. NWA Boys section features Jody Barbaree, Keegan Patton, Jeremy Gerard, Mark Dewbre, Nick Gibson, Taylor Lubritz and Connor Crist. Shared parts including Patrick Holcomb, Nick McGooda, Justin Harrel, Will Lloyd and Jacob Goldsholl.

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1 Comment

This video is an instant classic. Enjoyed every second of it. Musical choices were on point, and it's stuffed with bangers.

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