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Kayaking Lee Creek

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

It's not everyday that Lee Creek flows hard enough to see rapids big enough to require a helmet but the day that Nathan Jennings and Nick Gibson met, it was charging. And, from what we've heard, some people actually hit this same area with even higher water levels. Though these guys aren't THAT crazy, they still have the ball bearings to send it at a place which is normally populated with swimmers and canoe rental patrons...but not this day.

Lee Creek is a 64.6-mile-long river that starts near West Fork and flows south to the Arkansas River. It flows from Arkansas into Oklahoma, then returns to Arkansas before meeting the Arkansas River near Van Buren and Fort Smith. This particular leg is near Silver Bridge, close to Devils Den State park in Arkansas.

Music Credit: Kidswaste "Medicine" featuring chelsea culter (Daughters Cover)

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