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Event Spotlight // AR Crown - Stop 6: Ft Smith

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Ethan - BS Flip (Photo: Gonzales)

Well, this is it. The end of road. At least for now. The Arkansas Crown Championship series has officially come to a close with the completion of the Championship Finals. Shenanigans kicked off on Oct 19th at Boardertown Skateshop in Ft Smith. We had a DJ spinning some dope tracks, Jason on Hot Dog duty, and plenty of people shredding and spectating.

Salad Bar - BS Disaster (Photo: JJ)

People were dropping hammers everywhere, all day long. You'll see the evidence in this article. The NWA Skateboarding Foundation kicked off festivities with a Begintermediate Jam. Winners of the Begintermediate segment were:

3rd Place - Josh

2nd Place - Christian

1st Place- Braxton

Josh bangs out a buttery FS 50 50 (Photo Gonzales)

Winston has no issues hucking down the 4 and lookin steezy doin it (Photo: Gonzales)

Christian snaps a fat ollie to flat (Photo: Gonzales)

Braxton performs a textbook kickflip off the ledge (Photo: Gonzales)

Ron scoops a sick boneless off the ledge (Photo: Gonzales)

Crown Finals was nuts. The homies came out and threw down, and everyone had a great time. You could tell everyone was there to just have fun and get as gnar as they possibly could. Feast your eyes on the photographic evidence. There's some pics in there from before, during and after. Enjoy them. When all was said and done, the finals ended with:

3rd Place - Ethan

2nd Place - Cole

1st Place - Anthony

Ethan pops a massive ollie over the handrail (Photo: Gonzales)

The sesh got heavy on the hip. Nick, Keegan, Adam, Hunter, Cole, and more put it down

Keegan - Front Blunt (Photo JJ)

Cole - FS Tailslide (Photo: JJ)

Nick - BS Tail (Photo: JJ)

Caleb - Front Blunt (Photo: JJ)

Dizzyrad - Transfer (Photo: JJ)

Jason hit this back 50 and made it look easy (Photo: Gonzales)

Garrett - FS Air (Photo: JJ)

Adam - Nollie Front Heel (Photo: JJ)

What you don't see from this photo is that Anthony actually pulled off that wall into the bank below. (Photo: JJ)

Hunter executes a perfectly pinched front crook (Photo: JJ)

Ethan boosts an Ollie over the a-frame rail (Photo: JJ)

Cole goes big with this FS Air (Photo: Gonzales)

Anthony - Boardslide (Photo: JJ)

Garrett - Heelflip (Photo: JJ)

Cole - 5-oh (Photo: JJ)

Adam - Nollie Big Inward Heel? (Photo: JJ)

Nick's switch game is next level, as is demonstrated by this Switch Heel (Photo: Gonzales)

I feel like I've said this so many times before, but it's worth repeating: Dizzyrad has the sickest boneless in the game. (Photo: Gonzales)

Aaron pushes a super clean smith (Photo: JJ)

Garrett stomps this fakie ollie like it's nothin (Photo: Gonzales)

Cole went huge with this BS transfer (Photo: Gonzales)

Hunter - FS Crook (Photo: JJ)

Nick - FS Flip (Photo: JJ)

Garrett Feebles across and down (Photo: JJ)

Hunter - Noseblunt (Photo: JJ)

Nick - BS Air (Photo: JJ)

Anthony does a footplant into the bank on his way from the stairs (Photo: JJ)

Cole - FS Smith (Photo: JJ)

David - FS Board (Photo: JJ)

Ethan - Boardslide (Photo: JJ)

Nick - BS Noseblunt (Photo: JJ)

Cole - FS Nosegrind (Photo: JJ)

Keegan - BS Nosegrind (Photo: JJ)

Nick - BS Smith (Photo: JJ)

Garrett - Halfcab (Photo: JJ)

Cole - Allyoop Transfer (Photo: JJ)

Salad Bar steps off before going back fakie on this gnarly wallride (Photo: Gonzales)

Left to right: Ethan (3rd), Anthony (1st), Cole (2nd) (Photo:

Crown Champ - Salad Bar

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