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Event Notice // Arkansas Crown Stop 6 - Ft Smith

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Scroll on down to see the update to the venue!

Finals is upon us! This Saturday, at 5 PM CST, the top 5 competitors in the Arkansas Crown will battle it out to see who will claim the title of Crown Champ! I believe the NWA Skateboarding Foundation, the organization that started this whole thing, is going to be holding in the classic Crown contest fashion with Beginner and Intermediate jams, along with a Best Trick. Unsure of the order, as these things sometimes just unfold as skate comps tend to do. Either way, be sure to make your way out to Boardertown Skateshop to witness the gnar!

Oh, yeah. That bit about Boardertown reminded me of something I needed to mention. Many of you were aware that this event was planned and advertised to be going down at the recently built (and hella rad) Riverfront Skatepark. I mean, the flyer up at the top shows it, right? But unfortunately the city decided the change things up last minute. It's cool though, because we ended up with the best venue for finals. So make sure you tell your friends that it's going to be held at Boardertown so that they don't end up at Riverfront missing out on all the good times that will be happening.

See you all there. Love, peace, and chicken grease.

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