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The Vault // "Boardertown Madness" - 2012

The Vault opens up once more to show us the gem edit of 2012, "Boardertown Madness". Not only do we get to be graced with Nick Shoulders Thunderlizards music, but we get to see Boardertown in full swing again. Boy, do we miss that place...


Tyler Freeman, Shawn Rogers, Zack Kendrick, Brandon Herbert, Brad Magar, Devon Levall, Garrett Gonzalez, Anthony Dezaldivar, Jonny Undiano, Duane Chapman, Dylan Mork, Jacob Horton, Jake Taylor, Jason McGrew, Jason Meadows, Brandon Risenhoover, Bryton Hutcheson, Dalton Richmond, Darren Gentry, Nick Gibson, Josh Nelson, Stanley Soultaire, Kyle Freeman and Tre Freeman

Filmed by Brandon Herbert, Nick Gibson and Dalton Richmond

Edited by Brandon Herbert

Music Credit:

Thunderlizards - "G.R.U.M.P."

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