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"Dumpster Fire" // FULL LENGTH SKATE FILM by Taylor Lubritz

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Rewind back in time - The 'Dumpin Clips' Series was an internet series we created back in 2012-2013ish, ultimately looking for a place to put "throwaway clips". Fast forward to today, when these same edits are compiled into one timeline, fire was made. Little did we know that the very clips we were labeling as trash turns out to be one of the most iconic videos in Gnarkansas' history. Grab some popcorn and load this tape in your mental-VHS player and hit play/pause.

Premieres August 2nd at 7pm CST on Gnarkansas YouTube - subscribe for dat sweet, sweet algorithm juice.

Featuring (in order of appearance)

Nick Gibson, Zach Kendrick, Devon Levall, Kyle Freeman, Nathan Alexander, Taylor Lubritz, Cole Duncan, Brocckoli, Jake Taylor, Jonny Undiano, Jason McGrew, Tyler Freeman, Zach King, Jody Barbaree, Blake Brown, Jason Meadows, Tre Freeman, Shawn Rogers, Jamey Hogue, Adam Vanlandingham, Moses Lechtenberger, Josh Nelson, Garreth Wilson, Tyler Kendrick, John Smith, Brad Magar, Joby Ogluin, Caleb Bagley, Colin Mackey, Brandon Herbert, Damien Alzidan, Clint Walker, Dalton Richmond, Corey Duffel, Eli Rickard, Gabriel Roadrunners.

Filmed & Edited by Taylor Lubritz

Produced by Brandon Herbert

Music Credit

Peaking Lights - "Beautiful Son"

Local Natives - "Breakers"

Deerhunter - "Cryptograms"

No Age - "Eraser"

Deerhoof - "Giga Dance"

The Soft Moon - "Die Life"

Mac Demarco - "Ode to Viceroy"

The Growlers - "Empty Bones"

Dr. Dog - "The Ark"

Ty Segall & White Fence - "Scissor People"

Built To Spill - "I Would Hurt A Fly"

Deerhunter - "Ponds"

Pixies - "Gouge Away"

Deerhunter - "Vox Humana"

Modest Mouse - "Convenient Parking"

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