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GnarCast Season 2 Episode 2 with Keepers of the Trees

Back with another episode of SEASON 2 of GnarCast, we we bring in some of the well-known shredding bike youngsters of the "Keepers of the Trees". From the group, we host Gabriel Wolfe, Finn Logan and Luke Baureis, which is one three of many within the KOTT crew. We dive deep into what KOTT is and what they are up to, racing and freeride in NW Arkansas as teens and we crack the age-old debate of "When aren't you a 'Grom' anymore?". Shout it from the mountain top - GNARCAST IS BACK!

Streamed Live on: 10/28/2023 Special Guests:

Finn Logan

Gabriel Wolfe, Luke Baureis


Brandon Herbert

Scot Ripple

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