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Mad Hatter // Extended Trail Spotlight

What a trail system to cover! When travelling to Arkansas for a send mission, we highly recommend you explore Bella Vista. And at a more specific to our recommendation would be "Mad Hatter". This trail is by far one of the flowi-est of flows that exists in Northwest Arkansas. Tons of berms and jumps to keep you busy all the way down the trail. The locals all know that the session culminates at the end with the last drop and step up. If you are looking to work on you technique or trick bag, this is a good spot to do it at.

Major props to NWA Trailblazers for the hefty work they do to keep this trail and others around the area rolling this smoothly.


Logan Montgomery, Johnny Waldmann, James "Donut" Beatty, Jason Dan, Nash Biely, Scot Ripple, Derek Nichols, Garret Wilson, Ethan Edman, Mark MacKenzie, Kyle MacDonald, Blake Burlingame

Film/Edit by

Brandon Herbert

Music Credit

"It Goes In Waves / Self Care (INZO EDIT)" - Mac Miller X INZO, Blookah, Align

"God's Plan (Sevnth & Alo Remix)" - Drake

"Alice In Wonderland REMIX - Version courte" - Odezenne

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