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Feature Gallery // Gnarquest: Arkansan's On The Road

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Many times in any locals life, there exists the desire to leave home base and explore the world. It's a human urge that is hard to ignore, well, at least for us. We thrive on the new and unexpected and even with a plan, adventure has a way of presenting itself once you step foot out of your door for trips like this. So lets take a journey through photos and maybe this will excite you enough to possibly do the same.

One thing we always try to do when heading out west is drive next to the Arkansas River near the Headwaters! so after driving about 12-13 hours we crashed at Texas Creek. Gotta respect one of the most recognized bodies of water with our name attached.

The decision is made to dine at Barry's Den in the morning and had to get their Famous Cinnamon Rolls since that is all we could smell from the moment we walked in the door after breakfast we were off to UTAH!

If you are traveling west on I-70 heading to Moab area, it is highly suggested to take the scenic route down through UT-128 following the Colorado River most the time. We stayed at a group campsite out west near the Corona Arch this night.

After being swarmed by college kids we crashed out, and hit Canyonlands early next morning, If you are ever in the Moab area this is a must see, Sad we didn't get to explore the Shafer Trail but that leaves us a reason to come back next time...

We found a dispersed camping spot at Willow Springs just outside of Arches so we could hit up the window/double arch later that evening. When deciding a camping location, it's highly advised to plan around legal ability paired with a great view in the morning. Makes for a comfortable nights rest and a coffee location to rival any cafe.

One the road again bright and early the next day....

Stay tuned for the next installment of Gnarquest where we traveled towards Zion and much more. There was just too much to squeeze into one post!

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