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Survey // Official Gnarkansas Skate Park Design Survey

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Greetings, Gnarkansans. Do you want your local skate park to look like this? WE DOUBT IT! That's why we are here to present the Official Gnarkansas Skate Park Design Survey. The goal of this survey is to get a realistic gauge of what the people of Arkansas and surrounding areas are looking for out of a skate park. This has been long overdue, as what we truly want to know is: What do YOU want a skate park to look like? Well now, here is your chance to voice your opinion.

Fill out the survey in the link below and your information will be added into our database to provide a comprehensive answer to city officials and contracting firms who ask Gnarkansas what the local public would like to ride. We know that many people don't feel like they have a voice when it comes to these matters but that's another example of our dedication to the people of Arkansas.

Here are some pointers for the survey:

- Tell us what you want, as briefly as possible.

- Don't be judgmental, be open-minded and concise.

- Think of yourself but keep in mind the others you ride with.

- Be polite in your answers. Officials don't take kindly to verbal abuse when doing a public service :)

- Not all fields are required, but the ones that are required, we feel, are necessary to our data collection.

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