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Feature Video // Gnarkansas Hikes Richland Creek in February

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

In February, we don't always expect to make it out due to questionable weather. However, this can sometimes come as an advantage for those who are seeking the flow of local waterfalls. That was the case for Ozark Kenny, Dakota Duncan and myself as we made our way to spend the day in hiking the Richland Creek Wilderness Area to pack in a whopping 7 total waterfalls viewed within just a few hours. Impressive when you think of how much of the United States have to travel long distances just to see one! If you have 10 minutes to spare, watch the video below to see how the quick adventure went.

For such a short time out, we really packed a lot of activity in. These guys always strive to get out in the sticks and traverse the landscape of the Natural State. Now that March is officially here, we say that it's time to get some green on them trees, COME ON ARKANSAS SPRING! Now that you've watched the video, make sure to check out all the photos in the gallery of Ozark Kenny and Dakota's photos from our hike.

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