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Event Spotlight // AR Crown - Stop 2: GSD2019 Eureka Springs

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Hayes blasts a fat FS Air over the deep end. (Photo: Gonzales)

If you've been following Gnarkansas, or anything the Northwest Arkansas Skateboarding Foundation has been up to lately, then it's probably not news that last weekend was Stop numero dos of the Arkansas Crown. And it just so happened to be in one of the dopest spots in Arkansas, Eureka Springs. Their bowl is awesome, and is sure to test even the burliest of skaters. Feast your eyes on the images below as a testament to the gnarliness that was Stop 2 of the Arkansas Crown.

Brad goes the distance on this BS Five Oh (Photo: Perez)

Keegan with a stylish crooks (Photo: Perez)

Mike hitting a FS slasher (Photo: Perez)

Anthony playing around on the coping in the deep end (Photo: Perez)

Prophet likes to get inverted (Photo: Perez)

Cole floats a fat kickflip fakie transfer (Photo: Gonzales)

Photo: Perez

Garrett pops a lofty FS Ollie North (Photo: Perez)

Aaron gettin' techy on the ledge - FS Smith (Photo: Perez)

More coping dancing from Anthony (Photo: Gonzales)

Hayes transfers over the hip to a textbook FS Nosebluntslide (Photo: Perez)

Photo: Gonzales

Anthony hits a steezy Five Oh fakie in the deep end (Photo: Perez)

Cole doing what he does. Defying death with a magnificent air out to FS axle stall before popping back (Photo: Perez)in

JJ double fistin (Photo: Gonzales)

Hunter hardflips the hip (Photo: Perez)

Ethan walked away with some goodies (Photo: Perez)

Anthony with some of the spoils (Photo: Perez)

Aaron killed it and got a deck as a reward (Photo: Perez)

Cole with his winnings (Photo: Perez)

At the end of the day, everyone was stoked, and there were plenty of hammers that went down. To be honest, the photos in this article don't even do justice to the epic events of the day. If you didn't go, you definitely missed out on one hell of a good time. Stop 3 will be next month in Little Rock. Stoked on that. Looking forward to seeing what goes down there. Stay tuned. Things are heating up, and you're not going to want to miss out.

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