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Event Notice // Spooky Dookie Halloween Jam

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The Northwest Arkansas skate scene has been alive and well lately with competitions and events all over the place. Get ready, because there's another one comin' at ya. The Spooky Dookie jam is coming for Halloween brought to you by Local Crew and some sponsors, and it's sure to be a scream (see what I did there?). Cost of admission in the jam is not monetary. The homies ask that you simply wear a costume in order to compete. No costume? No prizes, no stickers, no candy, and definitely none of these sweet trophies pictured below.

Event goes down October 27th. That's a Sunday. Next Sunday. As in a week from today. Shenanigans begin at 2pm, so be there. And be sure to show up rockin your Peter Pan outfit, or Skelator, or whatever you kids are into these days so that you can win some of the dope prizes that the sponsors of this event have pooled together for you. Peep the flyer below. See you guys there!

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1 Comment

Man I'm just getting back into Skating after 27 years, and I'll definitely be there. I can't wait to see a six year old beat me!

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