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Summer Vibes in Eureka

It's a fact that when summer comes along, you can usually catch us on any given Sunday in Eureka Springs, Arkansas doing exactly what you see in this video. This day was no different - random summer weekend day full of skating on of the best Dreamland skateparks in the midwest and swimming on the dopest lake in the Midwest. Challenge us on this. we'd like to see a better, seriously if you want to invite to something more dope than this, DM with details ;) The squad was heavy - the vibes were heavier...

Featuring Zach King, David Billingsly, Mike Sidani, Breckin Begley, Collier Dallas, Anthony Dezaldivar, Chris Anderson, Keenan Bishop, Mark Landry, Pat Booth and more.

Filmed & Edited by Brandon Herbert Music Credit

Yokohama Drifters - "Walk Don't Run"

Yokohama Drifters - "Driving Guitars"

Yokohama Drifters - "Ginza Lights"

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